About us


Welcome to Vampt by T. Nichole! The online fashion shop based in Dallas, Texas that offers a specialty collection of women's accessories that support the everyday lifestyle of the modern and traditional woman.
Our company is committed to the needs of our customers. We operate with purpose and an added dose of female empowerment. Our product lines are the extra "sparkle" of life you never knew you needed. We classify an accessory as anything that produces added value to a platform. Our product lines are just that. Your support continues the cycle of helping others Live BOLD. Be FIERCE. Set STATEMENTS.


Vampt originates from the term "revamp", which means to give new or improved form, structure or appearance to. Vampt by T. Nichole was established in 2014 as a women's lifestyle brand that supports the woman ready to intentionally reinvent a better version of herself. During this time, the company only offered a product line of women's jewelry, but quickly realized there were numerous facets of a woman that deserved attention to produce a greater impact. It was time to expand our product line. 

Being a woman can get tough. Sometimes will downright give you the blues. Our goal is simple... support women in their journey to be VAMPT! There's beauty in gaining a new perspective on life. Every step in the process is an accessory added to enhance your internal and external platforms. Our product lines are symbolic of this idea. Trailblazing requires elements of support that aid in the journey towards success. We've got you covered! 

Thank you for supporting a brand that truly believes in you!
"As women, our daily challenges are very similar. It's the simple accessory that can add so much more value to our quality of life."
-- FOUNDER & CEO, Tiffany